Mason Walters


Originally from West Texas, I moved to Austin in 2009 where I attend The University of Texas on a athletic scholarship. While at UT, I met my wife and graduated with a degree in Corportate Communications.

After graduating, I spent just under two years in the oil patch back in West Texas, where I cultivated interest in programming, finance and business. I'll forever be indebted to educators such as Answath Damodoran and David Malan for making their curriculum avaliable to the public.

In early 2016, I moved back to Austin from Midland and worked as a "Swiss Army Knife" for an alternative investment group. With this group, I was fortunate to develop relationships with great mentors and better friends. Also during this time, I developed deep interest in Single Family Real Estate, which also led to a new career oppourtunity with a large Real Estate Investment Firm, headquarted in Austin, where I am today.

In mid 2018, I decided to reinvest in my future, and enrolled into a six month program offered through the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas, for Data Analytics and Visualization which was one of the most challenging and rewarding experience I've had in formal education.



Real Estate

My first forray into real estate was through underwriting loans. Through firsthand experience, I learned the importance of knowing the difference between price and value.

Data Analysis

I enjoy working with complex data sets to answer difficult questions. I'm constantly looking to add new tools to my current data analysis skillset.

Business Planning

Globally streamline

Dynamically initiate client-based convergence vis-a-vis performance based.


Data Analysis
Business Intelligence
Project Management

Work Experience

2018 - Present

Portfolio Analyst

Main Street Renewal, LLC

Austin, TX

2016 - 2018

Project Manager

Noble Capital Services

Austin, TX

2014 - 2016

Field Engineer

ProPetro Services Inc.

Midland, TX


2018 - 2019

Data Analysis and Visualization

University of Texas

Austin, TX

2009 - 2013

Corporate Communications

University of Texas

Austin, TX



A Sci-fi nerd at heart, my favorite books include the Dune Series, Hyperion, and Wool. I also enjoy business biographies. Some of my favorites are; Barbarians at the Gate, And Then the Roof Caved In and All the Devils Are Here.


As I life long Chicago Bulls fan, I suffer the misery of dissapointment, year after year, in hopes that someday Chicago will be competitive without the most talented player of all-time.


While my wife and I are both busy young professionals we enjoy traveling whenever possible. Iceland, Ireland, Sonoma and the Amalfi Coast are all currently pending.